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Cook County! Thank you!!

April was an extremely busy month involving recording/a photo shoot and filming footage for a music video for our new single. But it was all worth it to end the month with a performance in Edmonton’s own, Cook County Saloon. We had the opportunity to give our audience the first chance to hear our song “WHERE IS THE LOVE” (written by DRA and Rob Hewes) live on Saturday night. It was amazing to feel the energy of a full house and a full dance floor all night!! We sure knew ‘WHERE THE LOVE’ was that night!! We would like to acknowledge and thank these incredible people for a very successful evening and for the days before it to accomplish what we were able to do. We feel truly blessed to have such wonderful people in our corner and on our journey. …and of course our family, friends and fans!!!l We appreciate you more than you know! Our new single 'WHERE IS THE LOVE', will be officially released MAY 13…on our 9th Anniversary together as DRA. Thank you all! (We hope we haven't missed anyone) Love, Karen, Dahlia, Shila, Danita


Barry Sparrow for having us and COOK COUNTY staff Randy Henderson

Robin Matkea and Kara Matkea LW Inspirational Photography (Lynn Wilkinson) Rob Hewes Dennis Boisvert Real Fagnan Pierre Fagnan Trenton Tremaine Peter Rutter Bill Borgwardt Ron Palmer Photography Michell Lori Shelly Duperron Dubois Nik Kuznetsov Randy J. Martin Blaire Comrie Alan Tymofichuk Scott Ebner Jeff Godley Brenda Leah MacDonald

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